Máquina de Oxicorte Gas cutting machine Газорезательная машина
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We,China Gazcut,are dedicated to providing our valued customers with the contracted manufacturing services they come to expect.

High quality flame,plasma and electric cutting equipments which provide immediate cost savings,safety and quality manufacturing.The cutting machines can utilize CNC plasma cutting,oxy-fuel cutting technology etc which are used worldwide by all types of businesses from small fabricators to major steel service centers.

A professional,international market-oriented product lines.
Trusty managing team providing reliable manufacturing and service systems.
Quality workers and facilities assure quality delivery.

Enjoy your business by providing the opportunity to take your products from raw material to final products.

Gazcut Engineering Works Ltd.offers high quality portable oxy-fuel cutting machines designed for applications such as pipe cutting,beam cutting,circle cutting and shape profile cutting.Most of our protable equipment can be used for both oxy fuel bevel cutting and I cutting.Many of them are feature compact size but with powerful ability to carry heavy loads,some can even crawl vertically.Portable plasma cutting is also possible with selected models.Each portable cutting machine is designed to provide smooth high quality cust by using intermational cutting tips.

Flame Says:
* Think the way you will take......
* Shape what it is to be......
* Change as you wanna......

Just so you know,we are improving with you!Gazcut!

Gazcut Engineering Works Ltd.
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