APB-12/26 (BEVEL MASTER) Auto Preweld Bevelling machine Hippo

The model APB Automatic prowled beveling machine is used for plate or pipe(APB-12) beveling for the preparation of welding process.. The machine is widely used for many kinds materials such as Carbon steel, Alloy steel. Stainless steel. Heat-resisting, alloy. AL alloy etc.

Features & Benefits

Cold cut-Not affect the plate or pipe material performance, no thermal deformation, no need after-treatment for proceeding welding
Unique mode-Adopt rolling-shear cutter for pipe or plate bevel. Bevel and travel along workpiece edge simultaneously or feed the plate automatically while beveling when the workpieces is not too large.
Portable– Compact structure, light weight. No special requirements of working condition.
Labor-save– An operator can take after several sets of the machine meaning while.

Technical Specification

Bevel position Upside/downside (Overturn the machine) Upside
Power Source AC/380V,50Hz  
Total Power 1.1 KW 1.5kw
Motor rotation speed 1400rpm 1300rpm
Feed speed 0-2200mm/min 0-2500 mm/min
Clamp thickness 5-40mm 5-40 mm
Clamp width >55mm
Pipe Diameter (Diameter) 100mm N/A
Bevel angle 30,35,45° (Standard 30°) 25-55°
Single Bevel Stroke (Max) 12mm 16mm
Total Bevel width 0-12mm (Carbon steel) 0-2600
Cutter Qty: 1pc 1pc
Weight (w/ case) 70kg 200kg
Machine Size 550*600*800mm 600*700*1200mm




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