APB-8 (BEVEL MASTER) Edge Milling Machine Hippo

Designed for beveling of small size or irregular shape plate, the workpiece can be driven to move automatically while under beveling process.

Features & Benefits

1.light weight and less vibration.
2.Smooth beveling surface make it for an idea preweld application of metal workpieces.
3. convenient to move with wheels underneath with brakes;
4.With Frequency control speed and urgent stop button built in the separate electrical cabinet, Easy and Safe to handle
5.Widely used for Carbon steel, stainless steel, Hard plastic, Al alloy and other non-ferrous metal. Etc.

Technical Specification

Power Source 380V, 50Hz/60Hz
Milling motor /Travel motor Power 0.55KW/0.4KW
Motor rotation speed 2800rpm
Feed speed STEPLESS
Bevel angle 30-60°
Bevel width 0-8mm
Bevel thickness ≥4mm
Cutter Qty: 10
Weight (w/ case) 65KG