GC-13 GECKO All position Portable Cutting machine W/2D Magnetic Rail

Features & benefits

CG1-13 is multi-direction gas cutting machine, features compact and portable; it’s easy to operate with silicon controllable speed regulation.

The machine is equipped with 2D flexible magnetic steel rail witch can be attached to the flat or curved surface. The machine can operate for cross cutting, vertical cutting, down-up cutting and curved face cutting.

The machine is wildly used for shipyards, vessel, dome and tank/building & repairs.  R≥700mm)

Standard configuration

1.  Cross feed holder 8. Hose
2. Clutch handle 9. Rack bar
3. Adjusting screw for locating unit 10. Motor
4. Magnet Rail 2D 11. Gas valves
5. Torch 12. Distributor
6. Balancing handwheel 13.Speed knob
7.Forward/Back switch

2D Magnet rail(1.6m):Standard configuration with 13 pcs Strong Magnetic blocks, recommended to charge at first application and recharge after long use to hold the enough magnetic force.

Technical & Specification

Model Body Size


Speed control Cutting thickness Cutting speed
Rail curve (mm) Main unit Weight
GC-13 230*200*230 Silicon 5-30mm 100-750 R≥700mm 5.80kg

Multi-Position Cutting

Vertical cutting  Horizontal cutting Curve cutting R≥700mm Upside down cutting


  Parts List for GC-13  


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