Handy Auto/ Handy Auto Plus Hummer Kit

A portable universal cutter you can’t miss!
You can carry it about freely, and it is most suitable for on-site operations because built-in auto ignition lighter is suitable for the field operations.Follows your hand, Powerful application for straight,curve,circle,pore cutting.

Features and benefits

Standard All Position Drives – Allows for cutting from all positions

High efficiency performance – Handy Autos drive switch is linked to the cutting oxygen valve causing simultaneous operation of cutting oxygen and drive power. Drive attachments quickly changed – for all types of applications  。

Portable benefits-All in one Metal kit, carry where the job needs
Highest Cutting Quality – Safe and long lasting supplied tip with each kit

(Hummer plus shown)

Technical Specification

Model no. Ignition type


Drive system


Speed control




Cutting thickness Cutting speed Weight


Handy Auto




Friction drive


By transistor


500mm 5-30mm 150-530(mm/min 4.00 (Inside case)

5.00 (Kit case)

Handy Auto Plus

Hummer Plus


For more info of powerful application, pls visit http://www.gazcut.com

◆Handy Auto hummer Kit contents (Torch 2.6kg,Total kit Weight 9.00KG)

No. Item Quantity
1  Cutter 1
2 Standard wheel 1
3 Auxiliary wheel 1
4  Wheel for bevel cutting 1
5 Attachment for small circle cutting 1
6 Running guide lever 1
7 Cutting tip (LPG): #0, #1, #2 1 each
 8 Spanner for nozzle replacement 1
9 Fuse ( 1A ) 2
10 Carrying case 1


  Parts list for HANDY AUTO  


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