KC-12 Bee portable oxy-fuel cutting machine

Known around the world as one of the best portable cutting machines in the industry

Features & Benefits

Single or Dual Torch Models – Performs high quality straight line, or circle cuts

Stepless Drive System –  Maintains constant travel speed even under high temperatures ensuring stable, trouble-free cutting

Expanded Application –Plasma Cutting – Performs Plasma Cutting at high speed up to 2000mm(60Hz),Choose KC-12P

Light Weight – 9.5 kgs (20.9 lbs), easy to carry and use yet rugged enough to be a true workhorse

Extendable 1.8m Track Sections –  Cut longer parts. 2pcs more 1.8m tracks are recommended per set machine.

High Quality Tips – Koike style superior design Series torch tips are included to ensure fast, smooth cuts

Optional Snap Valve – One-touch on/off gas valve


Technical specification

Model KC-12S-100/S-200 KC-12P
Cutting Capacity: 5 to 60 mm Depends on plasma power
Bevels 0o to 45o 0o to 45o
Cutting Speed

180 to 800 mm/min (50HZ)

200 to1000 mm/min (60HZ)

180 to1600 mm/min (50HZ)

200 to2000 mm/min (60HZ)

Gas Connection (Fuel LH & Oxygen RH)

M12*1.25mm (Standard) 

G1/4″ 3/8”,9/16” or others


Main unit Weight w/o rails

9.50 kgs S-100

14.5kgs S-200


Optional accessories

•Circle cutting attachment Ø 50~2.200 mm
•Circle cutting rail Ø 20-360mm inside Ø 850~1.000 mm
*Color zn plated rail available at request./ 1.2m long size of all rails available at request)

Standard configuration

  S-100 Acetylene Kit S-100 LPG Kit S-200 Acetylene Kit S-200 LPG Kit KC-12P
Art  No.  KC12S100102 KC12S100106 KC12S100102 KC12S200106 KC-12P
Torch Number 1 1 2 2 N/A
Track Standard configuration with 1pc 72″ (1800mm) concave pored rail
Cutting tips 102 Style (ANME) 106 Style (PNME) 102 Style (ANME) 106 Style (PNME) N/A
Standard configuration: 3pcs different sizes LPG tips ranging 3-40mm cutting capacity for S-100 and 6pcs/3sizes LPG tips[ 3-40mm] for S-200, additional tips or other sizes available by separate order,KC-12P comes without any torch and tips
Power supply 220V  50/60Hz (Standard), 110V/42V available.


   KC-12 parts list-koike type  


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