KC-12 M Wasp

With Unique Mechanisms, Durable for smooth cutting under rigid condition .

Basic Introduction

Features & Benefits

Versatility and convertibility – all types of straight line, stripe circle, and bevel cutting

Double-cone Steeples Drive System – Maintains constant travel speed even under high temperatures ensuring stable, trouble-free cutting

Expanded Use –Plasma Cutting – Performs Plasma Cutting at high speed up to 2000mm(60Hz),Choose KC-12MP

Rigid design-Superior Heat-proof to normal portable cutting machines
Extendable 1.8m Track Sections –  Cut longer parts. 2pcs more 1.8m tracks are recommended per set machine.

Convenient handling:-.Readable speed with Digital gauge display of Speed;and* Easily controllable Clutch

Optional Snap Valve – One-touch on/off gas valve

Technical specification:
Model KC-12M S-100/S-200 KC-12P
Cutting Capacity 5 to 100 mm Depends on plasma power
Bevels  0o to 45o 0o to 45o
Cutting Speed  180 to 800 mm/min (50HZ)

200 to1000 mm/min (60HZ)

240 to2400 mm/min (50HZ)

300 to3000 mm/min (60H0Z)

Gas Connection (Fuel LH & Oxygen RH)  M12*1.25mm (Standard) 

G1/4″ 3/8”,9/16” or others

Main unit Weight (w/o rail):  11.00 kgs S-100

16.0kgs S-200

Traveling carriage:

Standard configuration:
S-100 Acetylene Kit S-100 LPG Kit S-200 Acetylene Kit S-200 LPG Kit KC-12MP
Art  No. KC12M100102 KC12M100106 KC12M200102 KC12M200106 KC-12MP
Torch Number 1 1 2 2 N/A
Track Standard configuration with 1pc 72″ (1800mm) concave pored rail
Cutting tips 102 Style (ANME) 106 Style (PNME) 102 Style (ANME) 106 Style (PNME) N/A
Standard configuration: 3pcs different sizes LPG tips ranging 3-40mm cutting capacity for S-100 and 6pcs/3sizes LPG tips[ 3-40mm] for S-200, additional tips or other sizes available by separate order,KC-12P comes without any torch and tips
Power supply 220V  50/60Hz (Standard), 110V/42V available.

More Torch unit Configurations

Optional Accessories

*Straight Rail: Each machine comes with 1pc 1.8m (72″) track in standard configuration. More available at request for extensive long cutting.. Color ZN plated rail available and 1.2m long size of all rails available at request) 

  • Circle cutting attachment:Recommended for cutting circles of large diameter:50~2.400 mm Ø (2~96″Ø) 
  • Circle cutting rail: Recommended for cutting circles of comparativelylarge diameter.

Cutting Range: 40~360 mm Ø (1,5″~14″Ø)at inside, and

1.150~2.400 mm Ø (46″~48″Ø)at outside


   KC-12M-S100-parts list doc  


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