KC-600D/1000D STEEL PECKER Automatic Hole Pipe Cutter

This unique PECKER 600D is ideally suited for cutting high precision T-joint circles including any hole that crosses the side of the pipe for piping systems, high pressure vessels and heat exchangers.
It ‘s a compact design, light weight and easy to operate.
Also it can be used for circle cutting in flat plate.

Features & Benefits

Automatic Oxy Fuel Pipe Cutter
Automatically bevel cuts or straight cuts holes into pipe
H-Lever Handle
The up/down interlock unit employs a trigonometry function generating mechanism to ensure higher bevel accuracy than conventional crank mechanism; very easy to set up with just two adjustments
Rotating Gas Manifold
Keeps hoses from becoming Tangled Automatic Tip Stand Off –Ensures higher accuracy during bevel cutting
On/Off Drive Clutch
Position cutting tip accurately and quickly 
 Flat Circle Bevel Cutting
Can be used to cut circles in flat plate with a bevel edge

Small-diameter pipe fixture

This is to assist the fuction of the standard stand to install the machine on pipes from 250-800mm

Flat circle bevel cutting

Note: Large type available to cut large T connection. Pls refer to parameters of Pecker-1000D

Technical Specification

Model No. Steel Pecker KC-600D Steel Pecker KC-1000D
Cutting thickness 5-50mm
Cutting speed (rpm) 0.14-1.2  0.12-0.72
Beveling angle I,V( ≤45)
Cutting diameter(mm) 80-600 80-1000
Vertical torch stroke  0-96mm 0-265mm
Cutting condition Ratio between hole ID and main Pipe ID≥1/2
Machine Size (mm) 1060*560*820 1160*560*820
Weight 49 68
Power AC110/220V

Standard configuration

1  Control panel 8.Speed knob
2  Forward/Reverse switch  9 Clutch handle
3  Gas valve  10 Inlet connection
4.  Handle 11.H-lever knob
5.  Center cone 12.Slide bar
6.  Tip 13.Cross feed holder
7.  Support 14.Rotary gas distributor


  KC-600D parts list      KC-1000D parts list  


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