KC-72T SNAKE Portable, Automatic All-Position Cutting Machine

The Koike IK-72T cuts various types of steel including channel, curved plate and angled steel members and the like.. it is very compact and light, easy to manipulate, ideal for ship, vessel, dome and tank/building repair.

Features & Benefits

Permanent Magnet Track – Secures track to plate; allows track to be used vertically.

3D 1,000mm long, Extendable Flex Track – Make straight cuts and twisted plane cuts; extendable track allows cutting of longer parts. 2000mm (60″) minimum curve radius.

Clutch Lever Releases side rollers – Allows quick positioning of machine on rail.

Application-High precision cutting for I,V application
Multi-purposeCan be equipped different rail for multiple job application
Easy carryWeight only 5kg and its easy to handle.

Main body configuration

1. Handle: Catch the handle when you carry machine. 10. Thermal baffle: To prevent the heat diffusing into the inner of machine.


2. Switch: When it is set on arrow direction, the machine starts to walk towards to this direction. 11. torch
12. groove cutting screw
3. Speed controller: Increase the speed if it is rotated clockwise. 13. Torch lifting knob: It is used to adjust the vertical position of torch.
4. Control panel: Switch and speed controller is used to control machine. 14. Rubber track: There are three types: 1D――straight AL track; 2D――two-dimensional cutting track; 3D– three-dimensional cutting track. Choose suitable track according to the sharp of work.
5. Host machine
6. Clutch rod: When it is on right, the clutch is OFF. When it is on left, the clutch is ON. 15. Torch sliding knob: To adjust the horizontal position.
16. Hose: Connect them between distributor and torch. The three hoses are used individually for fuel gas (red), preheating oxygen (blue) and cutting oxygen (blue).
7. Control rod: Use it to assemble or demount track.
8. Magnet: It fixes the track to steel plate. Use control rod to make magnet be on or off. 17.valve
18. Gas distributor: It is used to control the flow of preheating oxygen, fuel gas and cutting oxygen to reach best flame.
9. Sliding roller wheel: The wheel and track are used to keep machine stable.

Technical & Specification

Cutting thickness 5-50mm
Minimum curved line length 2000mm radius(60”) 3D rail
Cutting speed 150-750(mm/min)(6-30”)
Speed control TRIAC variable resistor
Drive method Rack and pinion
Beveling angle 0-45°
Power source AC 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Body Size (mm) 190*195*140
Weight 5.7kg (Main unit)

7.6kg (3D rail)

Multi-purpose Application

From flat to multi plane surfaces, the KC-72T can cut various types of steel shape, such as channel, curved thin plate, thick flat plate or vertical plate, angled steel members and the like.

Double kinds of rails are provided for maximum job application:

1D rail (straight plane/ aluminum) 1.5m/ 10kg-with magnets

3D rail (Triple plane/rubber):1.0m/7.6kg-with magnets

Select the most suitable for the exact cutting precision requirements.

 RAILS:KC-72T can be fitted with 2 kinds of rails as below:

3D rail 1000mm/pc

1D rail 1500mm/pc

Example:Application in shipbuilding & Vessle


KC-72T-B    Battery type

With lithium battery makes it more flexible switch between wireless power and cabled power according to the spot,the battery can work 8 hours continuously after full charge.



The KC-72T can be changed to be fitted twin torch for the edge beveling or strip cutting.

(Model KC-72T-Twin, Standard comes with 1.5m 1D rail. Optional with 3D rail)

 Welding Application

KC-72T or KC-72TB also can be convertible to welding model (KC-72W1 and KC-72W2)

Pls refer to the welding carriage sections in this catalogue for more details


  KC-72 parts list  


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