KC-93 Condor

Comfortable & Luxurious handlingVersatile, Handy-Type Premium Cutting Machine. 

Unique Mechanism

The KC-93 Condor gas cutter is a portable gas cutting apparatus developed primarily for the purpose of high quality straight line, hand guided cutting. In addition to featuring high cutting quality, it also demonstrates unprecedented smooth operation and mobility. Designed with the emphasis on ease of operation, the trigger is placed higher to facilitate use at the inside or outside radius of curves and the unit features a convenient speed adjustment dial.  

 Features & Benefits

Multiple Use Oxy Fuel Machine – Performs straight line, hand guide and circle oxy fuel cutting

Pistol Shape Control Grip –  Operator can control all functions including
cutting oxygen, clutch operation and speed adjustment with just one hand

Circle cutting option – Radius bar cuts circles from Dia.2″ (50mm)to 22″ (550mm)

Extendable 1800mm (72in) Track Sections – Cut longer parts

Bevel Collar – Torch angel can be set from 0 to 45° with graduated bevel collar

Travel direction: Forward/Reverse

Sdandard Configuration
2.Lift shaft
3.Lift hand wheel
4.Wing bolt for torch angle
6.Heat-Shield Plate
7.Speed dial
8.gas valve
9.Oxgen valve
10.Power socket
11.Cutting oxygen switch
12.Carrying handle
13.Foward Switch
14.Omni-directional wheel
Shown is Model KC-93 with A cutting unit (Model KC-93 A)

KC-93II Edge-Cut Type

Bevels plate edge from top and bottom simultaneously up to 45°with tracer guide .


Light,Compact,Trackless,Oxy-fuel beveling

Equipped with two torches for double bevels without the need for a track, can be used for stripe cutting as well.  Ease of set up and constant peed ensures high quality even during long distant cutting.

 Technical Specification
Model No. Cutting thickness


Cutting speed
Cutting Circle (Ømm) Weight
KC-93 5-100mm 100-1000 50-550 7.80
KC-93II 5-100mm 100-1000 n/m 12.00

Note: Standard Configuration 1pcs rail and circle cutting attachment (radius bar unit)for KC-93

KC-93II has none of both.

Torch units & Multiple purpose applications

Application Instruction

1.curve side beveling  

 KC-93 Features unique design for curve beveling cutting along the curve edge easily with the tracer roller unit As shown in the diagram below:
Place first the bearing roller against the side arc of steel plate ,Adjust he idle wheel direction to make a certain angle between idle wheel and beveling section. Then tighten by wing bolt. In this way, the machine will be imposed inward force during operation and to attach the machine firmly and travel steadily aligning the arc side .The beveling locate unit can be also used for linear cutting.

2.Linear cutting

In most case, Guide rails are used for linear cutting。 The guide rail can be extended by jointing each other for longer cutting.(refer to the pictures on the backside)

3.Circle/Arc Cutting( with circular cutting attachment) 

KC-93 Features unique design for beveling easily large arc side with beveling locating unit. As shown in the diagram below:
 Small circle cutting   

Large circle cutting

Note: Make a center hole(slope 60°) at the circle center to fix the circle cutting attachment for both small or large circle cutting.

  1. Insert the radius part 1 into the holes at the front of machine and tighten with M10 Nut.
  2. Insert the radius gaugePart 2 onto to the Radius bar Part 1,adjust the gauge location so that the locating cone Part 3 at the circle center hole,then locking the radius gauge with wing bolt. Adjust the fixing screw to lift the inboard drive wheel 1-2mm above the steel plate (3/64-5/64”) and tighten the screw.
  3. Release the idle wheel by loosing the locking wing bolts so that the wheels rotate freely.
  4. Install the torch vertically and make the tip align with the marking line.release the clutch and push the machine to check if the machine can go round the marking line
  5. Be caution that the hose or cords might stumble while cutting. So pls arrange the hoses and power cords well before operation to make sure they won’t cause any trouble.

4.Hand guide cutting   

     First score the path on the steel plate, and mark the intersection of a straight line and curve。Adjusting cross feed handwheel to place the tip 30-50mm away from the drive wheel,Release the  clutch and move the machine to the start point and commence the cutting while keep the tip align with marking line. (As shown in diagram)

Note: Hand guide cutting needs more practices to make the best use of the machine  


   Parts list for KC-93  


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