The KC-92 II Edge-Cut is a double-torch, trackless plate edge bevelling machine that performs sharp bevel cuts. The machine is equipped with two specialized torch units each with a gradated angle indicator, which ensures accurate torch angle settings. 

Features & Benefits

  • Trackless bevelling
    Bevels plate edge top and bottom, up to 45˚ without need for track. For V, X, Y, and K bevel welding preparation on the edge.
  • Pre-set flame
    Unique Koike preset stop valve allows saving flame settings and quickly turns gases on and off.
  • Pistol shape grip
    Operator can control forward / reverse, clutch and speed adjustment with just one hand.
  • Compact and lightweight
    Although the machine is equipped with two torches and gas unit, it only weighs 12 kg, ma- chine can be moved from one plate to the other easily.
  • Multi purpose

Equipped with two torches for double bevels without the need for a track, can be used for stripe cutting as well.  Ease of set up and constant peed ensures high quality even during long distant cutting.
By removing caster on the bottom of the machine, straight cutting can be done by use of rail.

Technical specifications

Cutting thickness 5 – 50 mm
Cutting speed 100-1000 mm/min
Bevel angle 0 ~ 45º
Clutch Trigger type mechanical clutch
Speed control Control IC
Heat shield Double shield for thermal protection
Input power 220V OR 110V
Dimension (excl. torch unit) L380 x W130 x H210 mm
Weight 12 kg

Optional Equipment

Circle cutting attachment (Radiu 50-550mm /2-22in) KC93II-082   1set
Rail 1800mm (72 in) KC93II-081


KC-93-II Exploded view 1       KC-93-II Exploded view 2      KC-93-II Exploded view 3      Parts list for KC-93II  


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