Model GC-30 Chafer Economic Portable Cutting Machine

Unique Mechanism

The machine is a very economic portable cutting machine with simple but durable structure. It can be fitted with special or multiple torches for straight line, stripe, circle cutting and all kinds of section shape as I,V,X cutting as well.


Stepless speed adjustment – Silicon-controllable speed

Compact structure Al-alloy body,light, durable

Versatility and convertibility  – all types of straight line, circle, and bevel cutting

GC-30 (Chafer) GC-30II  (Chafer II) GC-30P (Chafer Q )
Model no. Cutting thickness Cutting speed


Cutting Circle Torch number Weight
Chafer 6-100 mm 50-750(mm/min) 200-2000(Ǿmm) 1 16kgs
Chafer II 6-100 mm 50-750(mm/min) 200-2000(Ǿmm) 2 21kgs
Chafer Q N/M 30-3800(mm/min) 200-2000(Ǿmm) N/M 15.5kgs
Multi-torch Cricket Economic Portable Cutting Machine 
Model no. Cutting thickness mm Cutting speed


Cutting width (mm) Torch number Weight
Chafer III 6-50mm 50-750 70-1000 3 35kgs
Chafer IV 6-50mm 50-750 70-1100 4 40kgs
Chafer V 6-50mm 50-750 70-1300 5 50kgs
 Chafer III/IV/V adopts the 2 mount posts structure to secure the rack bar. The hose holder on rack bar avoiding the long hoses twisting or being tangled. The distributor is placed at side for balancing.

(Chafer III illustrated below )

Cutting torch unit or W/torch floating system


  Parts List for GC-30 snap  


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