Model GC-30B Camel Durable Portable Cutting Machine

The machine is a very durable portable cutting machine with main feeding and driving copper parts on or inside. It also can be installed with multiple torches for more choices and can be applied for all types of straight line, circle, and bevel cutting.

Features & Benefits

Wear-resistant:  Complete copper torch holders and rack holders. Worn-durable Worm and worm wheel built in reduction system.

Easy handling – Silicon-controllable speed regulation/ One torch snap valve on pipeline unit for quick gas control as optional.

Compact structure Strong and compact main body made of Al-alloy

Versatility and convertibility  – All types of straight line, circle, and bevel cutting.

Standard configuration

Model no.  Torch No. Cutting thickness


Cutting speed
Cutting Circle (Ǿmm) Weight
CG-30B 1 6-100mm 50-750 200-2000 16kgs
CG-30B II 2 6-100mm 50-750 200-2000 18.5kgs
GC-30BP n/m Depends on plasma power 0-3800 200-2000 15.5kgs

Note:1. GC-30BP is a high speed type for Plasma cutting.  

2.Standard configuration -Adjustable radius bar/ 1pc 1.8m pored rail 3pcs tips ( LPG)

Pls dictates if any different requirements.

Optional Items

  1. Circle/Arc Cutting( with circular cutting attachment)
  2. 3 type Straight Rails for optional (Refer to the chapter of GC-30)  
  3. Snap valve (One touch )unit
  4. Plasma Torch holder unit


  Parts List for GC-30 snap  


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