Features & Benefits

Model GC-SA is an excellent expert for pipe T-joint application
can be used for oxy-acetylene, plasma either perpendicular with or parallel to the pipe. They are designed to be dropped on the pipe like a saddle or slipped on from the end.
One piece design is narrower than other saddle type machines, which allows for using a smaller area of pipe where clamping space is limited. The torch be positioned closer to the valves and other obstacles because the saddle is shorter than any other saddle-type.
One piece sold cast aluminum saddles(base)
Special aluminum alloy casting of our single piece saddles substantially resist stress and other effects of extreme heat and cold
Sturdy precision ring gear
Rotating ring gears and retaining cap rings are precision machine to assure consistently straight and square rotation of the torch arm around the pipe.
Contour cutting attachment and shape templates
Consistent, accurate contours and angles can be cut quickly with the contour cutting attachment. It allows lateral movement of the torch along the axis of the pipe, precisely following the selected shape of the template.
Powerful application: it’s a economical and easy to make pipe T-connections. Combined with Percker 600D. it also can cut pipe diameter like other pipe cutting machine.

Standard configuration

1.Handle for carrying     2.Control box     3.Power socket     4.Dc motor

5.Clutch      6.Gear guide     7.Hose     8.Torch     9.Shift spring

Shape template (Supplied by end user)

Drive mode options

The machine can either be hand cranked or motorized around the pipe

In manual mode, the crank handle (hand crank) should be installed. (As shown in the diagram). It’s easy to switch between motor and manual just by turning the clutch.  

Note: Manual operation is only recommended when power source not available. Motorizing is more efficient and accuracy.    

Torch angle assembly

The machine can have a graduated bevel with a convenient torch angle assembly.

The rack-adjustable machine torch holder provides horizontal and vertical rack adjustments as well as  lead &lag adjustments.


Gear lever

The machine has 2 gears to make the best use of cutting speed. The high speed is used for small-diameter pipe and the low speed for large diameter pipe. Release the gear lever and shift to another end when the motor rotating at low speed. Then tighten the lever after the gears joggle well.
Caution: Don’t shift the gear lever when the motor works at a high rotating speed.

Securing device (boomer)

It’s very important to fasten the securing device during operation. Operation without securing device or failure of securing device might cause the fall off or deviation which leads to injury or disqualified application.


Base fixing unit (Spacers)

The standard configuration includes 10 sets base fixing units (4 bolts + nuts/set) for 10 sizes pipe. The sizes are in the unit for reference. Please choose the right fixing unit for your purpose.

For example:The size list for GC-3SA as below

Bolt No. Pipe Dia. Bolt No. Pipe Dia.
1# 299mm 6# 194mm
2# 273mm 7# 180mm
3# 245mm 8# 168mm
4# 219mm 9# 159mm
5# 203mm 10# 152mm

When the pipe is beyond of the 10 sizes supplied but within the cutting range of the machine. Floating device (out-of-round pipe attachment) to be needed for application.

Floating installation(Out-of-round pipe attachment)

The machine circles the pipe with Point A as a center during operation. In this case, the clearance between tip and pipe outer surface should be secured to obtain a quality cutting. When the pipe size is non-standard as per the 10 sets base fixing unit enclosed in the delivery. Floating installation is used for keeping the tips at a constant pre-set space from the pipe wall, despite dents, warps and other imperfections.


The floating device has a roller travels against the pipe surface. And a special spring helps to compensate the deviation

Technical Specification

Model no  Pipe size


Manual Motorized Floating device Shipping

Weight (kg)

PC-SA1  38-102 Std Opt Not


PC-SA2  76-203 Std Opt 29
PC-SA3  152-305 Std Opt 37
PC-SA4  305-508 Std Opt Opt 31


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