MODEL PQX-100/200/300 Angle chamfering machine Hippo

Features & Benefits

1. Suitable for the bevel process of the workpiece not subject to heat-treatment.

2. Quick set up w/ changeable blade and w/o fixing units.

3. Blade: Rectangular tungsten-steel 12.7×12.7×3.18. Clean bevel

4. widely used for ferrous and non-ferrous as well as other mechanically-resistant material.

                                     PQX-300                                          PQX-200                          PQX-100Y Handy Arc R Beveller


Technical Specification

Bevel Capacity Bevel Angle Slide rail Length Blade


Motor Power Source Weight


PQX-100Z 0-3mm 15°~45° 200mm 2 850w,1150rpm 220V/50HZ


PQX-100Y 0-3mm 15°~45° 200mm 2 650w,1100rpm 2.2kg
PQX-200 0-9mm 15°~60° 220mm 10 0.37KW 2860rpm 8.5kg
PQX-300 0-6mm 15°~45° 500mm 10 0.75KW 3000rpm 38kg

Note: PQX-100Z for right angle or R angel chamfer
PQX-100Y for curved or R angle chamfer


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