RM-900 Full-Angle milling machine Hippo

Features & Benefits

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RM-900 cutter can be positioned from 0-90°against the plate edge. So it can not only be used for edge beveling but also for the surface milling by the edge. It’s of Robust upper-beveling type edge milling machines mostly for the welding preparation of all kinds of metals. It adopts the superior milling cutter and power motors to make the sound beveling section while automatically travel along the plates edge. Direction-protection function to avoided the damage from the wrong operation and graduated marking for easy tooling setup.

Technical Specification

Technical specification for RM-900
Power Source AC/380V,50Hz
Milling motor/Travel motor Power 2 *3KW/0.4W
Spindle Rotation 700RPM
Feed speed 0-1000mm/min (stepless adjustable)
Clamp thickness 4-50mm
Clamp width >70mm
Process length >300mm
Bevel angle 0-90° (adjustable)
Single Bevel stroke 10-20mm (15mm recommended .)
Bevel width 0-50mm
Cutter Qty: 6pcs
Weight (w/ case) 320kg


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