Should you use our products,please check if the delivery with clean products,perfect shaping,better package,considerable service tools and complete documents.
2.The speed delivery:
Should and delay over contracted schedule without force majeure,we will compensate you as agreed or by negotiation.
3.Equipment & parts sales:
Complete parts to be ready for your maintenance or replacements.
4.Documents support:
We will provide the updated information to old customers,and offer a complete documents of our machines sold as well.
5.Customer is response:
We will response to common questions within 24 hours,to tough questions within 48 hours (except National Holidays).
Should we are honoured to choose you as our exculsive agent in certain regions,we will keep our promise and assure you sole dealership.

Gazcut is target is to maintain top quality,dependability and long,reliable service life for cutting career.So any constructive comments,suggestions by all customers and other sources are much appreciated.Also our team welcome sincerely those who are willing to contribute to the cutting service.

Should you have any complaint,Pls straight email to our Manager is

The service life of Gazcut products can be indefinite when properly installed,operated and maintained.The working conditions and service each individual gives this equipment will also effect the servicing life.This equipment should be checked periodically and repaired,reset or replaced as necessary for continued safe and reliable performance.Personal injury and or property damage may result if defective or improperly adjusted equipment is used.

Gazcut shall not under any circumstances be liable for special or consequential damages such as,but not limited to,damage or loss of other property of equipment,loss of profits or revenue,cost of capital,cost of purchased or replacement goods,or claims of customers or purchaser for service interruption.Any property damage or personal injury resulting from a Gazcut product,which contains replacement parts or accessories that offect the safety or performances of such product,shall be the responsibility of the Purchaser and the Supplier of such replacement parts or accessories and not the responsibility of Gazcut Engineering Works Ltd.